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Episode 9 - Billy Connolly, Theatre Royal, Rab C Nesbitt, Typewriter
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Photograph showing the comedian Billy Connolly's 'Banana Boots' which he used to wear on stage, and donated to the People's Palace.

In this episode of Curious City, host David Scott is joined by our guest, the writer and cycling enthusiast, Chris Dolan.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of writer Chris Dolan standing in front of Glasgow Museums Resource Centre in Nitshill

Chris Dolan

This episode's guest

Chris Dolan is a Scottish novelist, poet, and playwright. He lectures in English Literature at Glasgow Caledonian University and is Programme Leader of the master's degree in Television Screenwriting.

Chris at the Scottish Book Trust
Photograph showing Billy Connolly's Banana Boots

Billy Connolly's Banana Boots

Tracey MacDonald goes to the People's Palace to discover the story behind Billy's boots.

Banana Boots in Collections Navigator
Photograph Gary Painter, who works at the stage door of the Theatre Royal, in Glasgow.

Theatre Royal

Bryony Bates goes to the theatre and hears about the story behind a name.

See a painting of William Gladstone in the Theatre Royal
Photograph showing a close-up of Rab C Nesbit’s string vest, braces and suit jacket

Rab C Nesbitt

James Gibson sails doon the watter to meet Rab C Nesbitt's producer, Chris Gilbert.

Photograph showing the typewriter, which was used baby writer Ian Pattison to write the scripts for Rab C Nesbitt


Guest Chris Dolan finds the typewriter used to write the original Rab C Nesbitt scripts and offers insights into his own writing process.

Ian Pattison's Typewriter in Collections Navigator