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Episode 14 - STV studios, TV as Technology, Kelvin Hall as TV Studio, Writing for TV
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Photograph of the TV broadcast and journalist Rona Dougall inside the studio at STV

In this episode, Curious City regular Rona Dougall invites us into her TV home, at STV.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of tv presenter and broadcaster Rona Dougall in the Burrell Collection

Rona Dougall

This episode's guest

Rona Dougall is best known as a journalist, and as a television presenter. Rona's current projects include presenting Scotland Tonight on STV.

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A collection of vintage TVs on shelves in one of the storage rooms at GMRC

TV as Technology

Pippa Stevenson-Sit explains why the Dali is one of Kelvingrove's most popular objects.

Television set / receiver on Collections Navigator
Photograph of Stuart Guinea in the TV studio at Kelvin Hall

Kelvin Hall as TV Studio

Stuart Guinea gives David Scott a tour of the vast TV studio at Kelvin Hall.

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Photograph of the writer Chris Dolan standing outside in front of Glasgow Museums Resource Centre


Chris Dolan on the writing process for a continuing drama.

Chris Dolan at the Scottish Book Trust