Provand's Lordship

Built in 1471, this is the oldest remaining house in Glasgow, with a fascinating collection of medieval furniture. Now reopened after a £1.6 million repair programme.
About Provand's Lordship
exterior of Provand's Lordship a medieval building on a street opposite St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art blue sky behind

Provand’s Lordship, the oldest house in Glasgow, has reopened after a £1.6 million repair and improvement programme. 


Provand’s Lordship was built in 1471. It is one of only four surviving medieval buildings in Glasgow. 

A visit to Provand's Lordship offers an opportunity to step back in time. Discover what life was like in the city 500 years ago.

Be part of the next chapter of this iconic building's history and plan your visit today.


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