Survey reveals majority believe PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW as city brand celebrates 10th anniversary

Survey reveals majority believe PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW as city brand celebrates 10th anniversary

A new survey has revealed almost 80% of Glaswegians believe the people of Glasgow represent the heart and soul of the city.

In the year the award-winning PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW (PMG) brand celebrates its 10th anniversary as the brand for Scotland’s largest city, a poll of 1,400 people, commissioned by Glasgow Life, showed the majority of Glasgow’s residents and visitors agree with the brand’s statement.

The anniversary falls just a year after Glasgow was named as the friendliest city in the world in Time Out magazine’s Time Out Index.

PMG is considered ground-breaking and the world’s first crowd-sourced city brand. No other city had branded itself through social media or recognised its people as its best asset.

Bailie Annette Christie, Chair of Glasgow Life, said:

“PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW has gone from strength to strength over the last decade and the brand is now synonymous with the city. It also resonates as much today as it did 10 years ago. Glasgow may be a cultural and sporting powerhouse, but Glaswegians remain the city’s greatest asset.”

In April 2013, the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau encouraged people to get involved in a conversation to shape the new brand.

More than 1,500 people in 42 countries shared their views. The responses overwhelmingly showed the people are what make Glasgow a great city.

Over 50 of Glasgow’s leaders from the private, public, and academic sectors were also interviewed for their input.

PMG was rolled out over the next year and was at the heart of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Whether this was on black hack taxis, at Glasgow’s sporting venues or the unmissable wrapping of the Met Tower overlooking George Square.

It has continued to be highly visible at major events in Glasgow, most recently the inaugural 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.

One of the strengths of the brand is its flexibility. It can be adapted for different audiences and is a tool to highlight Glasgow’s many strengths. Some examples include PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW CREATIVE, PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW HOME, and PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW REAL.

There have been brand partnerships with the likes of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and Glasgow Women’s Aid, which have used PMG to support campaigns and communications activity.

The PMG brand has also been used in several Glasgow City Council initiatives. This includes the PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW GREENER and PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW COMMUNITIES campaigns.