VIPR training comes to Glasgow

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VIPR training comes to Glasgow

ViPR Training Comes to the Glasgow Club

For those of you with a nervous disposition, don’t worry we’re not filming “Snakes in a Gym!”
ViPR actually stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. It’s a training system that uses a hollow rubber tube with handles built in. It’s designed to:
• Provide an effective, whole-body workout
• Build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training
• Be lifted, dragged, thrown, stepped on
• Be safe to handle, as it’s made from rubber
The tube is about 3 feet long (a metre) and ranges from 4 to 20 kilos. You can do a vast array of movements with it meaning you can work out entire groups of muscles at once, rather than each one in isolation which can sometimes become a bit repetative.
These types of exercises are known as “functional” meaning they more closely represents activities you would do in real life (such as picking something up and carrying it.)
You can also do squats, lunges, presses and ballistic movements and it's a great activity to shake up your training routine - especially for combining 3 or 4 different movements that you do consecutively to keep your heart rate up.
At the Glasgow Club the classes are fun, exciting and suitable for all abilities. And we promise they’ll be snake free!!
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