Toryglen Community Sports Hub

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Toryglen Community Sports Hub

Our aims and objectives at Toryglen Community Sports Hub are; 

  • We would like to lead the local community and partners to develop Health & Wellbeing through the growth of sports & physical activities within the community. 
  • We would like to develop stronger relationships within the local community and with partner organisations in order to meet the needs of the people within our community and supporting encouragement to participate in sports and physical activity.
  • Encourage other people to become volunteers to lead on our committee and be active within the community to progress relationships and develop opportunities through funding and sustaining partnerships.
  • We want to encourage local retired residents to participate in activities within the centre and from discussion with them have identified the need for physical activities.
  • We would like to encourage participation from the local schools to enable children to take part in sports activities out with school hours within local venues and to encourage growth of activities within the area through working with local partners. 
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