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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Your Club Finances

Your Club Finances Health Check

Complete this health check to assess your current financial position with some top tips moving forward.

Your Club Finances Health Check

For your club to thrive you must have a good understanding of how to manage your finances, this section covers how you can work to manage your finances better and how best to take advantage of other opportunities to generate income and to be in the best position to secure that vital grant funding.

Funding your club can often be one of the more uninteresting tasks of managing a sports club but it is vitally important to apply good governance to your clubs' finances. Time spent considering how you process your finances plus budgeting and planning for the future, will be time well spent in the long term.

Funding your club can broadly be broken down into each of the three categories shown within the table below. Having better processes can make you more fundable as a club, as a funder can trust that you are financially stable and not a risk to invest in. This can also assist with raising your own funding through sponsorship and fundraising which could be vital while delivering within Glasgow, were participants within many areas of the city may struggle financially, it is vital that your finances are robust, and your club offers the best value to participants so everyone is included no matter their income level.

Glasgow Sport Support

Glasgow Sport provide support on all matters of club development, if you would like further assistance or have any queries in regard to your clubs development, please email