Go Cycle - Active Life Club

Active Life Club offers a range of activities for young people, particularly those from BAME communities, in the south of Glasgow. They received support from the Go Cycle Glasgow Fund to develop a project that would facilitate access to freestyle cycling for young people in the communities they engage with and service.

The project is harnessing the increased awareness and engagement for freestyle BMX by improving access to the quality facilities and bikes needed for the young participants to learn and develop skills within the sport. The funding supported the purchase of six BMX bikes, safety equipment as well as training for staff and volunteers and coaching from fully qualified instructors. The project involves using public spaces as well as access to cycling-specific facilities within the city.


It’s been refreshing to try something completely new and see the flexibility and creativity that the sport brings has been ideal for our young participants. Demand has been high so we’re continuing to give as many of our service users and wider community a chance to try it for themselves.

This initial 6-month project has ctreated a foundation to keep freestyle sports a part of young people's lives beyond the Cycling World Championships, developing a community-based practice that integrates creativity, sport, social inclusion and wellbeing.

The Go Cycle Glasgow Fund supported 29 projects across the city to create inclusive and accessible opportunities by addressing some of the inequalities and barriers that people face to participating in cycling.

This has showcased the resilience and bravery of young people to try something difficult and overcome fears whilst learning and developing quickly. Most importantly, it’s making the sport accessible for young people who may otherwise not get to experience it, which was our main aim and ambition.