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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Applying for Funding

A strong application is about matching your clubs needs and the funder's objectives.

•Remember application writing is 80% preparation, 20% writing.

•Contact the funder before you start, it enables you to build a relationship with the funder and a chance for them to become familiar with your group, which in turn gives you credibility.

•Follow the funder’s criteria, tell them how your project is going to contribute to their aims. Make sure you answer the questions asked on application forms.

•Use facts and figures instead of generalisation. You need to provide hard evidence of need.

•Convey your key points as briefly as possible and keep your language simple.

•Find out what your community needs. Simply assuming you know what the problems are will not be enough – you need to prove that this need exists and demonstrate that you have undertaken relevant consultation, including with hard to reach groups.

•You need to demonstrate how your project will tackle an old problem in a refreshingly effective way.

•Most funders want evidence that you actually know what the priorities of your Local Strategic Partnership, the Council and other strategic bodies are. These documents tell us what is needed in the local area.

•Get someone not connected to your group to look at your application critically before sending it in.

•Include a project plan with timescales.