Coach and Officials Award

Supporting volunteers with coaching, leadership and officiating qualifications.
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The Coach and Officials Award is currently closed for applications.

In the past three years, we have supported 196 volunteers from 25 different sports via this fund.

The fund supports volunteers within community organisations to attend level 1 or 2 coach education courses or the equivalent qualification that allow you to assist or lead the delivery of activities.

The Coach and Officials Award also supports the costs of attending introductory or full officials qualifications.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £250 towards any eligible course. This funding supports new coaches, leaders and officials build capacity within communities.

Please note that funding is retrospective and will be paid upon proof of completion of the course. Applications should be made 4 weeks in advance, if possible, and we will confirm our support in writing.

This fund supports volunteers in Glasgow based community organisations and Glasgow Life - Sport programmes.

The funding supports continued voluntary delivery to build capacity within activities and support people in Glasgow to be active.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £250 towards the cost of any eligible training course. The support requested should be minus any available subsidy or funding you are receiving.

Eligible courses are:

  • NGB or sportscotland recognised Level 1, 2 or equivalent
    coaching courses that allow you to assist or lead an activity.
  • Recognised courses that provide a qualification that allows you to lead an activity that gets people active.
  • Approved NGB or sportscotland introductory or full courses for officials

Glasgow Life - Sport will determine the amount to be allocated to any successful application.

The limit of support for any one volunteer over a 12 month period is £250.

The limit of support available to organisations over a 12 month period is £500.

The application is easy to complete. Please ensure that all personal and course information is input and correct.

We want to see the difference this funding will make to you and your community organisation.

This should include a clear outline of your role, the difference this qualification will make to your personal development and the impact this will have on participants in your sessions.

Please include the course dates and cost for our reference.

We assess applications each month with the deadline for consideration the final day of the previous month.

We would encourage you to apply 3-4 weeks prior to your course date. Applications must be received prior to the course commencing.

Deadlines for applications noted below:


  • Wednesday 31st July
  • Saturday 31st August
  • Monday 30th September
  • Thursday 31st October
  • Saturday 30th November


  • Friday 31st January
  • Friday 28th February

Funding meets take place within the first two weeks of the following month and an award decision will be communicated in due course.

The funding supports volunteers to build capacity in our sport clubs and community organisations. We are unable to support the following from the Coach and Officials award:

  • Volunteers who do not deliver within Glasgow.
  • Paid coaches who do not volunteer.
  • Applications from 'for profit' organisations.
  • Courses that have already taken place or have started.
  • Level 3 or above and equivalent coaching qualifications.
  • First Aid or Child Wellbeing qualifications.
Being able to use this funding to get three coaches through a level 2 course has proved invaluable. It allowed us to take more juniors into our coaching and increase numbers further in the summer. It has also allowed us to implement a Tots tennis weekly class which is getting excellent reviews.

Apply for the Coach and Officials Award!

This fund is currently closed.

Please read the information above prior to applying.

You will receive a copy of your application via email and we will assess your application in our funding meeting next month.