Sport and Physical Activity Fund

Supporting voluntary organisations to get more people active!
Two kids practicing a high kick

The Sport and Physical Activity Fund is closed.

This fund is currently closed and we will update the information on this page if and when it reopens.

The fund supports voluntary sport organisations to get more people in Glasgow active. This can be through establishing new activity or increasing capacity in existing delivery.

Applications can be for £500 - £2000 and must increase long term participation opportunities. Glasgow Life will prioritise projects for target groups that are under-represented in sport.

Since 2021, the Sport and Physical Activity Fund has supported 91 voluntary organisations to establish 55 new activities. 

This fund supports 60% of applications received.

Please read the information below and contact your development officer before applying. If you have any questions or need any support contact us at

This funding is targeted at voluntary sport organisations who enable and support communities to get and stay active.

Glasgow Life require all successful organisations to have their own bank account and be appropriately constituted.

Applications from, but not limited to, the following organisation types within Glasgow are encouraged:

  • Voluntary Sport Clubs
  • Community Sport Hubs
  • Community Sport Organisations

This funding will support projects that aim to get more people active longer term.

We want to see applications that are based on need and clearly identify the role of the funding to get more people active.

Projects that establish new activity and target under-represented groups, noted below, will be prioritised.

  • People from ethnically diverse backgrounds.
  • LGBTQ+ communities
  • Communities living in relative poverty (SIMD 1 and 2)
  • Women and Girls
  • People with Disabilities
  • Older Adults


The Sport and Physical Activity Fund can support projects with £500 - £2000. For larger amounts we will prioritise applications who target under-represented groups and show a clear community need.

We are always open to new suggestions and creative ideas to remove barriers to increase participation.

We would encourage you apply only for the amount needed and be specific with your costings. As a guide we have listed some items we will support:

  • Short Term Facility Hire Costs (recommended 6 weeks).
  • Sports and Safety Equipment costs 
  • Training costs
  • Marketing and Promotion (£250 max)
  • Administration (£250 max)
  • Hardship Costs that remove barriers for underrepresented individuals.
  • Delivery coaching costs (maximum 6 weeks).

All equipment and training costs should be directly linked to the activity and relative to the costs of the activity.

For facility hire and coaching/ delivery costs please include information on how these will be sustained after the funding.




Fantastic - we love to receive applications to support new projects.

Firstly, read through the fund guidance. Create a clear picture in your head of what you want to achieve and how the fund can support this.

After this, contact your Glasgow Life - Sports Development Officer. They will discuss the idea with you and provide support with your application.

Please do this prior to applying as it will support your application and provide you with a better chance of being successful.

If you do not know who to contact then let us know at

The Sport and Physical Activity Fund is open and applications are welcome at any stage.

We assess applications each month with the deadline to be considered the final day of the previous month.

We would encourage you to apply 6 weeks -  2months prior to your project start date.

Deadlines for applications are noted below:


  • Monday 31st July
  • Thursday 31st August
  • Saturday 30th September
  • Tuesday 31st October
  • Thursday 30th November


  • Wednesday 31st January
  • Thursday 29th February

Funding meets take place within the first two weeks of the following month and an award decision will be communicated in due course.



All applications are assessed against the same criteria below.

1. Project Benefits

What difference is your project intended to make? This includes the number of people it will benefit and the target groups for your activity.

2. Evidence of Need

How clearly have you shown that there is a need or demand for your activity? Include any community engagement or evidence you have that people want to get active in your project.

3. Sustainable Benefit

How will you make sure your project lasts longer term? Please be clear in your application on how you will use your resources and cover costs after the funding has ended to continue your activity.

4. Project Costs

Are your costs reasonable and all needed for the delivery of your project? You should be reasonable, clear and ensure all costs have a direct relation to getting more people active.

The funding panel will assess whether the amount requested provides good value for the project being delivered.

5. Organisation

Does your organisation have everything in place to receive funding and deliver this project? Tell us in your application why you are well placed to deliver this project. The online form will allow you to upload evidence of your organisation bank account and governance documents.

You are now working in partnership with Glasgow Life to get more people active! We want to stay in touch to support you as we work towards the same aim - to deliver your project and get more people active. 

If anything changes in your plan, including any setbacks, talk to us we are here to help.

When your project is up and running then we want to hear all about it!

Tag us on social media at Glasgow Sport using #getglasgowactive and we will share your story.

And when the funding has come to an end all we ask for is for you to complete a short impact report to tell us the difference that your project made.

The Sport and Physical Activity Fund is unable to support the following:

  • Projects or activities taking place outside of the Glasgow City Council boundary.
  • Applications from organisations who are not voluntary community sport organisations.
  • Projects or activities that have started or any retrospective costs.
  • Capital costs.
  • Costs for personal items of equipment and / or team kits or strips.
  • Long term coaching or delivery costs.
  • Projects that are short term and have a definitive end date.


Apply for the Sport and Physical Activity Fund!

This fund is currently closed.

Please read the information above and contact your sports development contact prior to applying.

You will receive a copy of your application via email and we will assess your application in our funding meeting next month.