Developing People

Support the People in your Organisation

People make your organisation what it is!

From finding the right person for roles within your structure to looking after your members it is vital to your organisations development to build strong relationships.

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Our officers will support your club on a range of topics to help you build relationships and develop people in your organisation.

Organised administration is vital to the success of your club.

Keeping up-to-date information on your membership will help you communicate clearly with them.

As a club, do you do the following?

  • Track your membership
  • Review attendance at sessions
  • Track club capacity to maximise income

Structuring membership fees can help you to financially plan your club's activities.

Membership fees are usually the largest source of income for many clubs. Reviewing structures and fees will make sure the club has enough funds to meet running costs.

Does your club:

  • Review membership fees and structures each year?
  • Have a structure for fees that meet the needs of your members?
  • Use any online or electronic sites to help manage fees?

Recruiting new volunteers and members is always a challenge. That said, there are some useful contacts and ways your club can recruit new people.

Don't overlook succession planning. Doing so can create issues in the long term. Think about what your club plans to do in this area.

Retaining members is just as important as recruiting them. Focus on making sure your club provides people with an enjoyable experience. With continued training and support, clubs have a better chance of retaining members and volunteers.

Does your club?

  • Actively recruit new volunteers
  • Track volunteer numbers
  • Have succession plans in place for posts within the club