Finding your Home

Facilities and Spaces

Finding the right training venue is essential for your club and members. There are a range of options, from hiring a venue for a few hours a week to owning or running a venue.

They all come with certain challenges.

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Getting the right facilities for your club is essential to its success.

Have you considered:

  • How you manage your relationship with your facility operator?
  • How often do you review your usage and costs?
  • If your facilities meet the needs of your developing club?
  • What are the options for accessing appropriate facilities in your local area?

The number of sports clubs taking control of venues has been on the rise.

If this is something your club is thinking about, then have you considered the following:

  • What are the options open to your club in relation to running your facility?
  • Which option would meet your needs; asset transfer, lease or other?
  • Is your club in a position to start the process of taking control of a local venue?
  • What steps do you have to take if you're interested in taking control of a facility?

Health and safety are necessary to running any sports club. The safety of members and volunteers is vital.

Have you considered:

  • Having a sub-group to collect all relevant risk assessments?
  • Having first aid cover at every session your club runs?
  • How do you access affordable training for members, including first aid?
  • Whether you have the processes in place to record any incidents or accidents at sessions?