Knowing your Community

Understand your community!

Strong Community organisations bring people together and help them to be active.

Glasgow has some of the most diverse communities in Scotland and understanding the people in your area is vital to attract new members and volunteers.

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Our officers will support your club on a range of topics to help you build relationships and develop people in your organisation.

Here are a few things to consider when starting to engage your local community:

  • Does your club reflect the diversity of the local community?
  • How does your club welcome new and existing members?
  • Do you take your club out to events and community festivals?
  • Do you promote your club to schools through Active Schools?
  • Do you measure and celebrate the benefits your club is making within the community?
  • Do you have a list of local partners inside and outside sport that you have strong links to?
  • What are your community priorities?
  • Are your community priorities written down and shared with your members?
  • Does your club have a nominated person or sub-group that works on connecting with your community?