Kids Tennis

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Kids Tennis

Kids playing tennis



Tots Tennis is an early introduction to the game for Glasgow's pre-school aged future tennis stars!  These are fun based sessions with emphasis on balance and coordination. Tot Tennis is for children aged 3 - 4 years old


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There are three levels of Mini Tennis; Red, Orange and Green. Each level ​ with their own court size and type of ball. This tailored approach, based on age and physical maturity enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.


​​Mini Tennis Red


Mini Tennis Red is for 5-8 year olds. It is played on scaled down courts with large soft tennis balls. Smaller rackets more suited to your child are provided. Players will learn basic techniques tactics and, when appropriate, will learn how to keep score in a match. There are sessions at Glasgow Club Gorbals and Scotstoun. Mini Tennis Red is for children aged 4 - 8 years old


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Mini Tennis Orange


These sessions are for players aged 8 and 9 years old and are played on a 3/4 sized court with mini tennis orange balls. Again rackets to suit your child are provided. The children will further develop their techniques and tactical awareness. Again these sessions are delivered at Glasgow Club Gorbals and Scotstoun. Mini Tennis Orange is for children aged 8 & 9 years old


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Mini Tennis Green




Mini Tennis Green is played on full sized courts with green balls, slightly softer than than the real thing. This will continue their development along the Glasgow Sport Tennis pathway and develop a real appreciation of the full game. Mini Tennis Green is for children aged 9 & 10 years old


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For young players ready to play tennis on full size tennis courts using real tennis balls.  We offer  a range of Junior coaching for players aged 11 - 16 years old who are ready for the real thing! 


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