Velodrome Timetable

Download the timetable for the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

Velodrome Timetable Mar-Oct 2022

Emirates Arena 

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome is Scotland’s first indoor velodrome and only the 5th in Britain.

Along with the Manchester and the London Velodromes, both the result of hosting major games, the Glasgow Velodrome provides the people of Scotland with the best possible opportunity to enjoy cycling.

The 250 metres cycle track, which is made of Siberian timber, will stage the cycling in the Commonwealth Games. During normal operation it has the capacity for just under 2000 spectators with space for a further 2000 temporary seats. In the lead up to 2014 it will host a number of major events including a UCI Track World Cup Series and the U19 World Track Championships in 2013.

There is also a closed road circuit in the grounds of the arena which is used for a number of outdoor cycling events and practices.

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome isn’t just for elite athletes, anyone can take the opportunity to enjoy cycling and ride the track. If you are looking to use the track for the first time, visit the New Riders section of our website for full details on how to get involved.

Track League

For further information on Track League, please contact Scottish Cycling direct on 0141 554 6021.​