What should I wear?

Upper body a lightweight long-sleeved top with a t-shirt underneath is best.

Legs cycling or running shorts are best but track suits/jogging bottoms will also be fine.

Shoes trainers or, if you know how to use them safely, you can hire cycling shoes from us which fit our clipless pedals. If you wear your own cycling shoes they need Look Keo cleats. Please note that the type used on most Spin class bikes won't fit.

What is the specification of a Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome bike?

If you are bringing your own bike to the velodrome it has to be a bike intended for track use. Please ensure that:

  • The frame does not have any braze on additions
  • Track drop outs are fitted
  • It has tyres that are intended for track use
  • New tyres have been properly prepared
  • Bar ends are fitted and secure in handlebars
  • There are no quick release spindles
  • Wheel spindles do not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear, and are sawn off flush with the nut and filed smooth

How do I prepare my tyres for track use?

To prepare your tyres for track use, rub the surface with alcohol or white vinegar or another degreaser before use. When at the Velodrome ride the first three laps on the Cote d'Azure or the bottom of the track.

How do I check the correct specification of a track bike for racing?

Visit the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) website to download any track specifications. They are also available within the Technical Regulations of British Cycling.

How so I hire equipment?

All the equipment that you will need to ride the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome is available to hire at the venue. All you need to do is let us know your size and collect the equipment when you arrive from the Hire Shop.

Don't worry if you don't know what size of bike frame you will need; we can work this out from your height.

A helmet is provided free of charge with all bike hires. Helmets come in small, medium and large and can be adjusted to fit your head. You can bring your own helmet, as long as it meets the national safety standards and, if it has a peak, it is removed.