Youth Development Sessions

Camp 1 - Focus: Endurance

Endurance races are held over much longer distances. While these primarily test the riders endurance abilities, the ability to sprint effectively is also required in the Madison, Points Race and Scratch Race. The length of these races varies from 12-16 laps for the Individual and Team Pursuit races, up to 200 laps for a full length Madison race in World Championships or Olympic Games.

Camp 2 - Sprint

Objective: Sessions will be progressive over a period of 4 weeks, planning towards providing the riders with the knowledge, Skills, confidence and knowhow to become race ready riders for Sprint events.

Overall information

Sessions are designed to progress rider's ability at the components of sprint racing. Riders will work on a number of attributes geared towards making them a better racer with a focus on sprint. These sessions will include standing starts, flying efforts, short attacking racing and much more race specific drills.

Week 1 - Skill & Technique based session

Week 2 - Tactical training session (race scenario)

Week 3 - Physical attributes for both Sprint

Week 4 - Coach Led Racing (CLR) (putting all previous skills into race scenarios)

Week 1

All athletes will learn how to be able to perform track standing starts with the required correct technique along with a process to apply them consistently to each start. The session will progress into team standing starts which will look at the different techniques starting at different positions. We will then progress the session to track standing along with some fun racing towards the end of the session.

Week 2

All riders will have the opportunity to take part in tactic specific drills and learn how to put these into play in race scenario. Riders will progress they confidence with using the track in match sprint racing with some tactics from coaches. The session will then progress onto keirin tactic drills and some coach led races to finish.

Week 3

All riders will be able to engage in a physically demanding session with the key focus of positioning on the bike and remaining robust whilst under stress. All riders will gain an understanding of the pedalling technique whilst under fatigue along with decision making in race scenarios whilst under stress. The session will then progress into some fun coach led racing for all riders to experience how to best use the skills and techniques in racing.

Week 4

All riders will have the chance to apply all skills, techniques and tactics into a coach led race evening. All riders will have the opportunity to try different tactics in different races to gain experience and confidence in racing. All riders will have the opportunity to reflect on the decision making and try new tactics in the next race.