Heat and Hydro Spa Therapies

Offering a truly refreshing experience, our selection of thermal and hydro experiences provide ‘hands-off’ therapies to cleanse, rejuvenate and refresh the mind and body. Step inside, relax, let the heat and water soothe you and leave the daily stresses far behind.

Thermal Experiences

Caldarium Stone floors, walls and curved stone seating is heated to create a calming and purifying effect, allowing the body to heat up gently in a warm, dry environment.

Large Sauna

Heated to a temperature between 80-90°C with minimal humidity, this room creates a dry and intense heat to give a purifying effect on the body. This will cleanse and detoxify the skin, relieve tired aching muscles and joints and increase circulation.

Small Sauna

This Finnish Sauna is heated to a medium temperature of of between 70-80 degrees which creates a dry and intense heat. Effective as a warm down after a workout, aiding in the recovery of muscles and the removal of toxins.

Steam Room

Feel the tension slip away as a dense visible humidity stimulates extra blood circulation in your body.

Hydro Experiences

Vitality Pool

The water temperature is set to a soothing 33-35°C and the pool offers a selection of unique features including air tubs, swan neck fountains, air loungers and water jets. The vitality pool provides many benefits including cleansing and detoxification of the skin, relieving tired and aching muscles, increasing circulation and relaxing the mind and body.