Programme and Timetable

Important Information

Consideration will be made in the cases of parent and child riders in groups, with priority given to riders who meet the session goals. In these cases, parents with lesser skills may ride in the same group as their child. Children may not ride in parent sessions, unless they meet the required goals.

Once a rider has met the goals of a session, the coaching team will discuss additional development areas how they can transition to the next group.

  • Maximum 8 riders per coached session
  • You must be 8 years+ and be confidently able to ride a bike by standing up on the pedals and out off the saddle for the duration of the session
  • Full face helmet, gloves and body armour can be hired from the venue

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the session starting if you are hiring equipment.

Novice Riders – Intro to BMX
Level 1 - 1 hour

The goal for this sessions is for riders to meet our current rider induction criteria. Riders may ride in this session as many times as required. Those new to BMX will have a gentle introduction to the BMX by starting out on the flat and learning basic riding skills that apply to BMX. The session will mainly run on the flat area before the riders will be introduced to the track.

  • Riders must be able to complete a lap of the track (flat ground) while standing and be unaided to progress to next group
  • Riders must be able to stop under control
  • Display “Pedals Level” where appropriate

No experience of BMX is required, but cycling experience is necessary. As long as you are able to ride out and off the saddle, and would like to learn more in an awesome environment, our coaches can take care of the rest.

Once the riders are able to execute the basic techniques, a coach will pass them through to the next stage: Intermediate Riders (Level 2).

Intermediate Riders
Level 2 - 1 hour
Flat pedals only

Riders will have successfully completed Novice Riders - Intro to BMX (Level 1) and be assessed as ready to take a part in Intermediate Riders (Level 2)

Coaches will start to introduce riders to a track etiquette, group riding, BMX race related skills such as pumping, correct cornering technique, good pedalling technique, stop under control, limbo with hips over the rear wheel and much more. Riders will also learn how to complete and demonstrate an 'M Check'.

Coaches will concentrate on Level 1-2 skills over the duration of the hour.

Riders must have completed Novice Riders - Intro to BMX (Level 1) and Intermediate Riders (Level 2) before they can be invited into the next session: Intro to Start Hill (Level 3).

Intro to Start Hill
Level 3 (5 metre only) - 1 hours
Flat Pedals Only

Riders will have successfully completed Novice Riders – Intro to BMX (Level 1) and Intermediate Riders (Level 2) and will have been assessed as ready to take a part into Intro to a Start Hill (Level 3). Level 3 is the final step of the track accreditation!

Riders will have good knowledge of the track etiquette and able to ride a BMX bike completely around a full lap.

Intro to Start Hill sessions will focus more on braking and controlled riding, to ensure riders are ready for the start hill. Riders will have an opportunity to try start hill and gates under the watchful eye of a coach. Coaches will ensure that riders can safely descend the start hill.

There will be more focus on group riding from the start hill to better prepare riders for the intensity of sessions with the progression strand of the BMX pathway.

Riders will be further assessed on different criteria, including further BMX track etiquette, start hill techniques and group riding. Those who are not comfortable or ready for the start hill can be advised to return into Intermediate Riders (Level 2) until they feel they are confident to try the start hill.

Once riders have passed the necessary criteria, a coach will advise booking their Accreditation. You can then attend Rock up and Ride or coached Gate Sessions. Riders who do not feel confident are welcome to continue with Intermediate Riders (Level 2) and use the rest of the track (excluding the start hill).

Taster Sessions 
£3 - 1 hour

Ever wanted to try out BMX, experience the thrill of the track or get outdoors and off-road to become more confident on your bike?

Join one our sessions! These sessions will have the same concept as Level 1 - Intro to BMX.

Female Only Sessions

1 hour
Sessions are based on Level 1 & 2

These sessions depend on demand. Sessions may be split between Level 1 and Level 2.

Female Only Taster Sessions 

1 hour

Ever wanted to try out BMX, experience the thrill of the track or get outdoors and off-road to become more confident on your bike?

Join one our sessions. These sessions will have the same concept as Level 1 - Intro to BMX.

Family Sessions

Coach-led sessions that give families the chance to ride together. These sessions are for novice riders.

A one-off introduction to the flat skills and BMX techniques will go ahead first with an aim of introduction to the BMX track. Please note this will not count towards accreditation.

Ratio: 1 Adult – 2 under 16s.

Gates Sessions
1 hour - Accredited riders only
Coach-led Session

These sessions are only for riders that have been accredited by our National Centre coach. If you haven’t completed an accreditation process, please do so in advance.

Riders will be able to ride half or full laps from the designated entry and exit.

Please note: The 8 metre start hill and pro straights on the track will not be in use during these sessions. (For riders with British Cycling Race licences, Junior + Elite riders only).