We are proud to have so many strong testimonials from graduates of the School of Sport.

Michael Jamieson, Olympic Swimmer, Commonwealth Medallist

Michael’s journey began at the School of Sport where he combined his swimming with his academic studies

“I was only 12 when I decided I wanted to go to the School of Sport. It’s a great school and I encourage anyone to give it a shot, because it absolutely helped me prepare for my life as an athlete and beyond it as well.”

Kirsty Gilmour, European and Commonwealth Badminton Medallist, 2x Olympian

“Glasgow School of Sport was undoubtedly a major element of my early career. The environment was perfect for me to manage my school work with my training which I still think comes in handy for balancing factors in my life now. GSOS gave me every resource I needed to progress and succeed as well as the tools to be independent and confident in my sport and my academics. I wouldn't be where I am today without GSOS.” 

Stacie Taylor, Athlete

I attended the Glasgow School of Sport from June 2011 to May 2013. With the support and funding by the school I was able to learn and grow as an athlete whilst still being able to concentrate on my education. I was able to progress in my running career from competing at a club level to winning several national titles both individually and as part of a team for the school. This then allowed me to be selected to compete for Scotland in cross-country, on the road and on the track.

Through the continued support and guidance of the school I was able to achieve a full athletic scholarship to a Division 1 University in the US. Again having attended the school I was able to transition into further education whilst still furthering my running career for five years. Lastly through the school I was lucky enough to experience two separate training camps, one in Portugal and a once in a lifetime experience trip to Trinidad. Both of these experiences allowed me to meet new people and learn about different cultures, whilst continuing to improve in my sport at the same time.

Adam Hall, European Medallist and Commonwealth Games Badminton player

I can never stress how grateful I am to the School of Sport for how much they helped me, I genuinely wouldn’t be the player I am without their support. Not only have they helped me reach my sporting goals but also helped me mature and grow as a person. There is no other place in the country that can provide life skills that you gain whilst being part of the School of Sport and these are skills that I use now to this day. I would 100% encourage anyone to give it a shot, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Pavel Karnejenko, Team GB Gymnast

Joining the Glasgow School of Sport helped me keep up my education without having to sacrifice my training, allowing me to reach my goal of the GB Gymnastic Team. I enjoyed my whole time at the school, with support from all the staff and excellent coaching! I had a lot of great experiences with the school including the opportunity to train in the Russian City of Rostov-on-Don alongside some of the world’s best gymnasts which inspired me on my journey.

Jack Jamieson, U21 Scotland International Hockey Player

“I enjoyed my whole time at the Glasgow School of Sport. It provided an opportunity to study and play the sport that I love that can’t be found anywhere else. The incredible coaching staff and tailored conditioning program that I experienced while at the school was something that I thought would be reserved for top level athletes .

The school created a really supportive environment in a way in which I was able to really improve in hockey without compromising on my academic goals. Although most importantly, I got to have fun and spend a lot of time playing my sport at school”

Lexi Sabatelli, Senior Scotland and GB U23 International Hockey Player

Lexi Graduated from the school in 2018 and in 5th year she studied 3 subjects and then another 3 in 6th year.
Lexi took a year out to concentrate on her hockey where she has been involved in the Full National Scotland team, the U21s and the Great Britain U23 Squad. Lexi is hoping to start her Police training course soon.

Lexi commented
“From my time at Glasgow School of Sport I would like to think I gained so much. For example I was so enthusiastic from the very beginning, I wanted to learn so much and I grasped every opportunity that was given to me. The coaching is the very best that can be found and from every aspect of training even down to fitness and diet you can always speak to any coach for advice.

You will get so much out of the School of Sport but you only get out of it what you put in. I have now represented Scotland at U16 U18 U21 and senior and have won European U18 and European U21 medals. To represent your country is an amazing feeling, aim for the top and never look down, work hard and always take on board the advice of your coaches. I believe if it wasn’t for being at the Glasgow School of Sport I wouldn’t be at the level I am right now.

Lee Morton, Senior Scotland, Commonwealth Games and GB International Hockey Player

Lee Graduated from the School of Sport in 2013 having studied 4 subjects in 5th year and 3 subjects in 6th year.
He went on to complete an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at the University of West of Scotland. Since then Lee moved down south and currently plays in the Top English Hockey league. Lee is a member of the Scottish Mens National Squad and the Great Britain Mens Hockey Squad building towards the Olympics in
2020 and in 2024.

Lee commented:
“GSOS allowed me to excel in my sport through daily training whether that be hockey or the strength and
conditioning program. Balancing this with academic work has helped me over the years as I’m able to manage multiple workloads at the same time. This was especially useful while studying at university and continuing my hockey career”

Caitlin Pringle, Commonwealth Badminton Player

“Going to GSOS was one of the best decisions I made for my career. It gave me the time I needed to start to understand what I was like as an athlete and what I needed to improve, with the help of the top class coaches on the programme who are always there to push and support you. Alongside a focus on sport, GSOS helps you to balance your academics with your training, helping to build you into a well-rounded individual gaining invaluable life skills. I believe the School of Sport helped me to become the athlete I am now, and gave me the skills I need to manage my training and lifestyle off the court. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to GSOS and for the great experience I had.”

Molly Godfrey, U21 Scotland International Hockey Player

Molly Graduated from the School of Sport in 2015 having studied 3 subjects in 5th year and 3 subjects in 6th year. Molly went on to study Sports Coaching at the University West of Scotland. Since then Molly now works as a recruiter in accountancy and finance with a company based in Glasgow having previously worked with a FTSE 250 multi-million pound technology company.

She plays hockey in the highest league in Scotland for Western Wildcats HC and has previously represented Scotland at Under 16 and Under 18 levels.

Molly commented on her time at Glasgow School of Sport

“I would absolutely urge you to do it. If you want to spend your high school years making friends for life whilst also training and progressing your skills, technique, fitness and mental attitude within your favourite sport then GSOS is the place for you. I enjoyed attending GSOS because I had the opportunity to balance my studies and sport well to help me to go on to train and play internationally. The coaches and teachers at the school are extremely supportive and enthusiastic about your progression both physically and academically. Couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Adam Pringle, Badminton Player

"GSOS was perfect for me as I was able to train daily as well as go to school and it has prepared me for further education. The badminton and S&C programme were both supportive and flexible to fit any educational or training needs. When I first joined, it was so exciting to play every single day and that never stopped through all 6 years. The training atmosphere is incredibly competitive so you need to make sure you put all of your effort into the sessions to get the best out of them.

GSOS gave me opportunities to play in Scottish and European International tournaments, many of which a coach was always there to help. It is the best opportunity to improve your sport while at school and I would strongly encourage anyone to join as it will make you a better athlete but most of all, a better person."

Ciar Pringle, Badminton Player and Senior Internationalist

"GSOS gave me the opportunity to be able to pursue my passion for badminton whilst also being able to balance my studies which a lot of people struggle with. The amazing badminton and s&c coaches helped me to progress in both my on court and off court training whether it be my skills or my physical conditioning. I learned a lot over the years about how to balance my studies with my training and it has helped me in the position I am in today currently balancing uni life with my full time training. With the help of the school I have now represented my country at an U17, U19 and also Senior level and I aim to go even further. This all wouldn't have been possible without the help from the School of Sport"

Ciara Torrance, European Medallist and Commonwealth Games player

"The school of sport was and always will be such a huge part of my sporting career. Without their involvement I wouldn’t be the player I am today. The coaching team have had a lasting impact in my life due to the sense of independence, discipline and confidence I have now due to their guidance and it is something I’m very grateful for.

If any young athlete is looking for somewhere where you can balance your academics with your sport and develop as a person, the school is perfect for you. Choosing to attend the school of sport was definitely one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so thankful for what they have done for me."

Rebekka Findlay, Commonwealth Badminton Player

"Choosing to study at GSOS was one of the biggest but best decisions of my early badminton career. It allowed me to explore and reach my potential alongside other athletes, with the support of a fantastic coaching and support team. Additionally, balancing school and training helped me to acquire life skills from an early age which transferred into both my sporting and academic careers. The GSOS is a fantastic opportunity for any aspiring athlete to thrive and be part of a supportive and lifelong community."

Cara Kennedy, Commonwealth Gymnast

Cara Graduated from the Glasgow School of Sport in 2016 and went on to become a full-time athlete. Cara has been three times Scottish National Senior Women’s Artistic Champion and 3 times Team Scotland athlete representing her country at the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games, Glasgow 2014 and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Cara has also qualified as a Level 3 Women’s Artistic coach and is studying Childhood Studies at the Open University alongside her fulltime training.

“Glasgow school of sport was a perfect choice of school for me because it allowed to me to do well in my education, as well as achieve my goal of competing at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games which fell in my 5th year of school. With the help of the teachers and coaching staff, I very quickly learned how to balance my studies and training. The school provides individual programmes within a supportive team environment, where you will make friends for life. The school gave me the confidence and ability to continue my sporting journey, and develop my career as a coach. It is a brilliant opportunity for any aspiring student athlete.”

Joshua Apiliga, Badminton Player and Senior Internationalist 

"My 6 years at Glasgow school of sport had a massive part in me becoming the athlete I am today. The experience taught me so much not only in sport but in vital life skills. The combination of mixing your school with sport was so vital and creates an environment unlike any other. Being surrounded with a class full of athletes forces you to push yourself in training everyday and by the time you’ve completed your 6 years pushing your hardest in every session and giving your all everyday becomes standard.

I have now represented Scotland at both junior and senior level all over the world and I can easily say there is no better feeling than competing with Scotland on your back and school of sport puts you on a platform to do this. If you think you’re willing to work really hard while also gaining an education and making life long friends I would absolutely urge you to join."

Eleanor O'Donnell, European Medallist and Commonwealth Badminton player

"Glasgow school of sport has definitely been a major part of me becoming a full time athlete representing my country at the highest level. Since leaving school I’ve been able to cope with the high intensity training needed at senior level due to the amazing opportunities I received at GSOS including on court time, strength and conditioning and sport science/nutrition. It has also gave me the ability to juggle my training and studying/coaching thanks to the amazing coaching team & teachers. Without Bellahouston & GSOS I wouldn’t be where I am now! I’d highly recommend the school of sport to anyone. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and forever grateful for the amazing team that helped me along the way!"

Gregor McVean, Badminton Player

"From my experience the Glasgow School of Sport is an excellent establishment which offers its students an optimal balance between academic studies and a professional, individually tailored, sports programme. The environment fostered within the School provides the opportunity for individuals to excel both academically and within their chosen sport.

Due to the nature and balance of the programme, certain life skills are obtained at an early age and are both adaptable and applicable in later life. Although my journey didn’t ultimately progress to competing at senior level, the experiences and opportunities gained from my inclusion within the school will stay with me for life. Joining the Glasgow School of Sport remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In my opinion, if you aspire to reach the highest level within your sport and most importantly, your prepared to work hard, then the Glasgow School of Sport is the place to go."

Scott McCormack, Gymnast

“Looking back at my gymnastics career I realise that the biggest contributor in achieving my goals was the Glasgow school of sport.  This was for two main reasons. Firstly, I was able to train five days a week in a state of art facility, this allowed me to keep up with my biggest competitors nationally and soon to be internationally. Secondly, I had the access to all high performance coaches but most importantly Sandra and Pusha. From day one Sandra gave me an insight to what the future could hold for me in the gymnastics world and continuously pushed me from all aspects of the sport. She enabled connections down south that soon led me to be one of the top tumblers in Britain. All this support and hard work resulted in me gaining a space in the Great Britain national tumbling squad.

After leaving school I went on to represent Great Britain at the world loule cup. At this event I secured first place both individually and for Team GB. Since then, I have retired as a competitive gymnast but now travel the world performing gymnastics in many events shows and movies. A few of my highlights are performing for Louis Vuitton in Paris as part of Paris fashion week, performing for one of the world’s leading medical companies, and also being a stunt double for a recent crime series. If it wasn’t for the school of sport, I would never be where I am today I am very grateful to all the coaches that helped me along the way.”

James Thomson, Gymnast

The Glasgow School of Sport gave me the opportunity to progress in my sport whilst also allowing me to balance my academic work alongside. It also enabled me to attend international gymnastics competitions and a training camp in Italy. As well as providing training, you also have classes which teach you about different aspects of training including nutrition, and the strength and conditioning team ensure that you have a training programme which is tailored specifically to you. The knowledge that I gained from the various top level coaches allowed me to transition into coaching.”

Matthew Grimley, World Top 50 and Commonwealth Badminton Player

"The Glasgow School of Sport was some of the best years of my life so far and I improved and learned so much throughout my full 6 years. The training environment was so competitive which allowed me to push myself everyday to become a better athlete.

I’m now in the Scottish Senior National Team and competing around the world doing something I love and I couldn’t thank the school enough for the support over the years. I’d 100% recommend anyone thinking of joining and wanting to achieve their sporting goals."


Christopher Grimley, World Top 50 and Commonwealth Badminton Player

“I joined the Glasgow School of Sport from 1st year to 6th year for Badminton and I definitely loved the whole experience.

The GSOS gave me the chance to work with amazing coaches that developed me as a player on and off the court along with helping me with balancing my time management for studies & training/competitions. Also, I got the opportunity to travel around the world for badminton leading to me representing Scotland & GB.

I am grateful for the experience I had while at the Glasgow School of Sport and I do miss it when I look back on how much of a great impact my GSOS journey had on my badminton career. I would encourage anyone to jump at the chance to join, it’s the best decision any young athlete could make.”