About the festival

Everything you need to know about Aye Write

Aye Write is Glasgow's book festival, run by Glasgow Life. Founded in 2005, it has presented big names and emerging talent alike, in our flagship Mitchell Library and beyond, while its off-shoot Wee Write festival has produced a fantastic education and family programme to inspire younger readers.

What the festival aims to achieve

Our city book festivals play a key role in helping readers discover new worlds through the best of new publishing. We know of the positive impact the festivals have in helping people discover new ideas and stories through reading and the benefits this has on wellbeing. We remain committed to supporting, in any way we can, empowerment for individuals through reading.

Glasgow’s library service

We are committed to providing access to reading and literacy opportunities through our festivals to help support our audiences connect with the joy of reading.

The Library team oversees the festival strategy and development as part of our overall reader development work in the city – covering our year-round reading calendar of activity including World Book Day, Summer Reading Challenge and Book Week Scotland. This work takes place across all our community libraries, school libraries and The Mitchell Library, as well as in locations outside of our library spaces so that we can connect and re-connect readers with our services, both physical and digital.

Aye Write Book Club podcast

Listen to our curated collection of fascinating conversations with a range of authors featured within the Aye Write 2023 Book Festival programme

Aye Write Book Club Podcast