Aye Write Book Club Podcast

Welcome to the Aye Write Book Club podcast.

A curated collection of fascinating conversations with a range of authors featured within the Aye Write 2023 Book Festival programme.

Our collection of episodes will give a flavour of the breadth of fiction, poetry and non-fiction events typically featured at Aye Write.

Episode 5: The Tannahill Event with Jim Carruth & Liz Lochhead

A Happy Makar Birthday, chaired by Alan Riach

In this special event supported by The Tannahill Fund, Glasgow’s two living laureates Liz Lochhead and Jim Carruth join Alan Riach to share poems old and new in celebration of their milestone birthdays.

Listen here

Episode 6: We Could Send Letters

Douglas MacIntyre and Malcolm Ross, chaired by Nicola Meighan

In this session Douglas MacIntyre along with Malcolm Ross, joins Nicola Meighan to discuss his book ‘Hungry Beat’ which provides a definitive history of the 1970s Scottish post-punk period and the role of local record labels Fast Product and Postcard Records.

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Episode 7: Love, Loss and Liberation

Paul Burston & Jack Parlett

Paul discusses ‘We Can be Heroes’, a memoir of the 80's, 90's and 00's from a gay man who only just survived them. Alongside Jack discussing his book ‘Fire Island’ which traces the hedonistic history of the iconic destination and its significance as a space for reinvention & gay liberation.

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