Young Scot and National Entitlement Card

Find out all you need to know about how to apply for a card and get the most out of it.
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Everything you need to know

Your National Entitlement Card (NEC) gives you access to free bus travel across Scotland. If you’re over 12, then your card will be a Young Scot card. This gives you money off the things you love, exclusive rewards, proof of age and much more.

The best way to apply for your card for the first time is online.

All 5 to 21-year-olds are eligible for free bus travel in Scotland using an NEC or Young Scot Card. Only a few services will not accept the card. These include premium-fare night buses and City Sightseeing buses. Please contact the bus company before you travel if you're unsure.

Children and young people need to apply for a new or replacement card. This is the case even if you had a card before the scheme started.

Parents or guardians must provide approval for children aged 5 to 15 to access the scheme. They can do this by applying on their behalf. If you're 16 to 21, then you can apply online by yourself.

You can find more information about the scheme at

Before applying, you’ll need electronic copies of your photograph (if you’re over 11), proof of person and address. You can find guidance and terms and conditions at

Forms should be available from your school office. If you’re over 11 then you will need to supply a head and shoulders photo on a light-coloured background. You will also need to get a teacher to fill in the photo referee part of the form.

You won’t need to prove your address or date of birth as we check these against the details held by your school.

If you have left school, then visit your local library for a form or download it.

You’ll need all the same proofs as you would if you’re applying online to do this. The library staff will check your form and send it to the admin team for processing.

If you don’t have the proof required, email us at for advice on how best to get your card.

If you have lost your card, had it stolen or it’s not working any more, then you can fill out our online form to request a new one. 

You can't use this form if you:

  • Need to provide a photo for the first time
  • Need to update your photo

You’ll need to contact us at with your updated photo and provide your name, date of birth, card number (if you know it).

Young Scot is the National Youth Information Service for young people aged 11 to 26. Visit to:

  • Find information and opportunities
  • Access discounts and rewards
  • Get involved in issues that matter to you
  • Find out more about how to use your card

You can get Young Scot Reward Points for taking part in positive activities online and in your community. These include volunteering, attending events and completing surveys. Sign up for an online account to access these.

Hundreds of discounts are also available through your Young Scot Card. This includes retailers like Hostelling Scotland, PureGym, Footasylum, Vue Cinemas and more.

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Get your card online

You can upload all your information by heading over to the National Portal.

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More information for Young People

Find out how to get the most out of your card.

  • Card Benefits

    Find out about all the benefits you get with a Young Scot card.

  • Activities

    Find out about opportunities and activities available to you by visiting our Young Scot Glasgow page.

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  • Get informed

    Find fact-checked information on issues that are important to you.

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Need help?

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