Depositing Your Records

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Depositing Your Records

​The City Archives exist to preserve and give access to the historical records of Glasgow and the West of Scotland. 

We are keen to accept further gifts and deposits (on long-term loan) of records of historical significance. These will help us understand the ordinary and extraordinary people and events which have helped to shape the history of the city and beyond.

What Records?

We will accept material from the geographical area of the former Strathclyde Region, but in practice this is likely to exclude material relating to an area served by an established and approved local archives service. 
However we will accept those collections:
  • where the owner or depositor has expressed a definite wish that they should be held in Glasgow
  • which add to existing collections or are an integral part of them
  • are of regional or national significance if their coverage makes Glasgow at least as natural a location for them as any other
Please contact us to arrange an assessment of the collection(s) and decide whether we can take them or not.
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