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Public Health Archives

Glasgow Public Health Records​


From 2015-2018 Glasgow City Archives received funding from the Wellcome Trust for a project to make the public health records of Glasgow more accessible.

The first part of the project was cataloguing the records of the Public Health Department itself. This collection includes:

  • annual reports of the Medical Officer of Health and Sanitary Inspector, 1863-1985
  • reports on Glasgow housing conditions, 1911-1923
  • housing photographs, c1902-1944
  • returns of infectious diseases, 1920-1973
  • ​​Port Local Authority files, 1901-1969
  • papers of Medical Officers of Health, 1892-c1959
  • publications by staff of the Public Health Department, 1897-1974

The second part of the project was to recatalogue the records of the Glasgow Police Commissioners. Prior to the establishment of the Public Health Department in 1895, the Commissioners were responsible for all aspects of public health. Their records date back to 1800 and include:

  • minutes of Nuisances, Sanitary and Health Committees, 1856-1910
  • minutes of Hospitals Committees, 1867-1914
  • minutes of the Port Local Authority, 1903-1910

Finally the third part of the project was to recatalogue the records of the annexed burghs. These were the burghs which surrounded Glasgow and were gradually absorbed as Glasgow expanded. As independent burghs of varying duration, they also had public health functions.

PDF versions of the Public Health (ref: D-HE) and Police Commissioners (ref: E) catalogues are available in the 'Related Documents' section. The annexed burghs catalogue will be added once it is complete.

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