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School Archives

Strathclyde School Records​

Our collection of school records is unrivalled in Scotland.  We have an excellent set of school records for Glasgow and less complete sets for the former Strathclyde areas of Bute, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire.  Please contact us to check we have the records for the schools in which you are interested.

 We hold records of schools under the jurisdiction of local authorities, but only have a few records for fee-paying schools - if you are interested in these records, please contact us for advice.

 School records mainly consist of:

  • Admission Registers - these contain pupil information and can include name, date of birth, address, date of admission and date of leaving.
  •  Log Books - these are Head Teacher journals and can include staff and pupil absence figures, fire drills and visitors to the school.

Closed Records

You are welcome to view your own records but otherwise, admission registers are closed for 30 years.  Some registers contain sensitive information about pupils, for example the results of IQ tests.  These registers are closed for 75 years.  Log Books may also contain sensitive information and therefore these are closed for 50 years.

Examination Results and Photographs

Examination results can be obtained from the Scottish Qualifications Authority

Some of our school photos can be found on displays at Scotland Street Museum

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