6 September 1715 - Jacobite Rebellion

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6 September 1715 - Jacobite Rebellion

On the 6th September 1715, the Jacobite standard was raised at Braemar. 

Glasgow was staunchly pro-Government and sent 500 troops to fight against the Jacobites. They were led by a former Lord Provost, John Aird. Guns were stationed in the town and Jacobite prisoners held in the Tolbooth. Learn more about Glasgow and the Jacobites at the City Archives.

There had been an earlier rebellion in 1708 when James I tried unsuccessfully to land in Scotland with French troops. This is the indictment against the ringleaders for threatening and imminent against our coast, to destroy Her Majesty, and all Her good subjects, and ruin our Religion, Laws and Liberties.
This is part of a letter by Stirling of Keir, one of the ringleaders of the 1708 rebellion, from when he was held in Newgate Prison, London. He was writing to his wife, whom he calls the light of my life.
The Cathedral area of Glasgow in the 18th Century. Guns were stationed here during the 1715 Rebellion, although the town was never actually attacked.

The accounts of the Town Council show how much the Rebellion cost Glasgow. They give the cost of bringing the Great Guns from Port Glasgow and the Bromieland to defend the city and paying the messenger who brought the news that the Highlanders were up in arms.
The Tolbooth in the 18th Century. 353 Jacobite prisoners were held here after the 1715 Rebellion.

The Town Council wrote to the Duke of Argyll asking him to give orders to remove 353 rebel prisoners because of the cost to the town.

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