Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow - IASG

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Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow - IASG

​The IASG project team, with support from the CII's HQ Learning Division, has populated the Study & Reference area with the full range of CII Course Books and access to online learning support.
These are listed on the CII's website.  Access to the internet facilities at The Library (including wi-fi) is free to all IASG members on production of your IASG -Mitchell Library Card.
Study material available in the Study & Reference Centre:


  • complete set of CII Study course books
  • case study workbooks for Advanced Dip in Financial Planning AF1 - AF5
  • access to Revisonmate website
The IASG is the local Institute of the Chartered Insurance Institute and is the second oldest in the UK, having been formed after the first meeting of representatives of local assurance and actuarial offices in Glasgow in October 1881. The Society is still thriving today and with over 2500 members is one of the largest local Insurance Institutes in the UK.
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