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The Mitchell Library
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Newspapers and Periodicals

The Mitchell Library has an extensive collection of newspapers, journals and magazines, from 19th century newspapers and  periodicals to today’s copy of The Herald.  

Newspaper holdings include selected UK press titles, both current and historical; Glasgow newspapers of all periods; some Scottish regional titles; a few local press titles and a selection of Asian language papers. Back issues are available in various formats but mostly on microfilm.

New! The Guardian Digital Microfilm (from 2010) - Available in all Glasgow Libraries 


19th Century British Library Newspapers​ - online from all glasgow libraries


ProQuest Newsstand offers online access to hundreds of newspapers and journals. 

All newspapers - current and historical - can be accessed on Level 5. Holdings are listed in the Periodicals Catalogue located on each floor of the library. 
Newsplan Scotland is a useful resource which contains locations for Scottish newspapers, past and present.


The Mitchell Library has a large number of current and historical periodical titles. Back issues and bound copies are issued on application. Copies of the Library's Periodicals Catalogue are on Levels 4 and 5.  The SALSER Serials database contains information about periodical holdings in many of Scotland's academic and research libraries, including some Mitchell titles.

Copying Services

Newspapers are available in various formats: microform, loose copy and bound volumes. You can use self-service coin operated copiers for photocopying from microfilm and loose copies, subject to copyright restrictions (see below). Copying from bound volumes is undertaken by our Photographic Service.  


Copyright restrictions apply to all newspapers and periodicals but a single copy of an article or one page can be made for private study or non-commercial research.
Copies made for commercial purposes - either using library self-service copiers or by our Photographic Service - must be authorised through the Copyright Licensing Agency's sticker scheme. Similarly, if more than a single copy of one page or article from an issue is required, authorisation is required.
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