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Local History

Sauchiehall Street, c. 1890.     Glasgow Postcard Collection.Sauchiehall Street, c. 1890. Glasgow Postcard Collection.

Explore Glasgow's history and heritage at The Mitchell Library.

The Glasgow Collection is the first point of contact for anyone interested in finding material relating to the history and development of the city.  Apart from books, journals and photographs, the map collection records how streets and neighbourhoods have changed over the years and local newspapers provide a fascinating insight into local events and personalities from the past.

Virtual Mitchell

The Virtual Mitchell is a set of online views showing Glasgow streets and buildings as well as people going about their daily lives. Photographs form the basis of the collection, but older prints and lithographs from the Glasgow Collection have also been included.​

Blitz on Clydeside

On the nights of 13 and 14 March 1941, more than 250 German bombers attacked factories and shipyards on Clydeside. High-explosive and incendiary bombs rained down, devastating buildings and resulting in large numbers of fatalities, especially in the town of Clydebank. Glasgow Libraries has put together a fascinating series of photographs, documents and eye-witness accounts of the people and places of the Blitz on Clydeside. Find Out More.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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