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The Glasgow Collection

Watercolour of Glasgow from the south side of Stockwell Bridge by R. Eadie, R.S.W.Glasgow, from the south side of Stockwell Bridge, by Robert Eadie, R.S.W.
The Glasgow Collection was one of the very first 'special collections' to be formed when The Mitchell Library opened in Miller Street in 1877.  A decision was taken by the Librarian, Francis Thornton Barrett, to preserve all material relating to the history, life and people of the city of Glasgow. 
This unique collection has grown and grown over the years to become a valuable record of the city’s history and people. It holds a huge variety of material - books, maps, plans, directories, newspapers, photographs, pamphlets, Valuation and Voters' Rolls, photographs and engravings - and is of immense importance both to researchers and the local community.
Glasgow City Archives, located on the same floor, hold the official records of the city which date back to the 15th century.

Images from our Glasgow Collection were recently used by Discovering Britian for their Glasgow Walking route. You can view the link here​. In addition our family history enthusiasts can also use this link to trace the steps of their Glaswegian ancestors. 

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