What is Truck Art?

What is Truck Art?

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What Is Truck Art?

By Nicky F, John M, Andy C, Andy D, Stephen M, Darren C, William H, Martin H, Paul M, Mark H, Jamie E.

Truck Art is an everyday culture of the people.
It’s like a folk museum on wheels.
For Indian truck drivers it’s a way of expressing themselves; showing their identity and their devotion to various Gods. Animals also feature such as peacocks and elephants. 
Bold, bright and colourful, Indian truck art is always a celebration.
Have you seen the two all-seeing eyes painted on the front of trucks? It’s as though someone is always watching you – a bit like being prison.
Drivers treat their trucks like wives, buying them gifts etc and in some cases the vehicles are not just places of work but homes too.
Trucks travel all over the place so the world gets to see their art.


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