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Angus Peter Campbell

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Angus Peter Campbell

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Angus Peter Campbell

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£6 (Transaction fees: £2 online, £2.50 by phone, free in person)
Open to All
0141 353 8000
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Dates and times

Thursday 14 March 2019
6:00PM - 7:00PM
Constabal Murdo, the new Gaelic novel from award-winning author Angus Peter Campbell, is set on Barra and follows the mystery of a valuable historic brooch stolen from Kismuil Castle. 

The local bobby, Murdo MacDonald from the Isle of Lewis pursues seven suspects until eventually detectives from the mainland arrive to help. The novel, a mix of detective noir with a dash of ‘Para Handy’, raises questions about the importance of community.

Tha bràiste òir luach nam mìltean mòra air a dhol à sealladh à Caisteal Chiosamuil am Barraigh. ‘S ann air Constabal Murdo, bhon a’ Bhac, a tha uallach faighinn a-mach co dh’fhalbh leatha. Tha seachdnar fo amharas aige. Saoil cò rinn e, agus carson?


Mitchell Theatre

North Street, Glasgow, G3 7EE