Trongate 103

Celebrating the Best of Café Flicker

Celebrating the Best of Café Flicker
Payment required
Dates and times
19th Jul 2024
6:30PM - 9:30PM
16+ years

A showcase in celebration of local, grassroots, cinematic excellence, we propose to host a film showcase. Highlighting outstanding films that have been presented at our annual Big Flick event over the past twenty years, providing audiences with an opportunity to revisit or discover hidden gems.

A diverse selection of films that have made a significant impact on our Café Flicker audience will be shown, as the winners each month are chosen by our audience members. 

Honouring the artistry, creativity, and cultural relevance of these filmmakers, their heart and determination to keep creating meaningful art, allowing attendees to explore a variety of films.

2010 - The Pedestrian | Stuart Elliott | 7mins

2014 – Middle Man | Charlie Francis | 5mins

2017 - DONAL O'RYAN | Curtis Randall | 11mins

2018 – Lady Parts | Caitlin Greene | 4mins

2019 - Blackout | Serena Gardner | 10mins

2019 - THE_COFFIN_WALK | Neil Boyle | 15mins

2022 - Late | James Phillips | 10mins 

2023 - A Drink Between a father and his son | Rhys Garner |10mins

🎫 Payment taken on the door with a sliding scale

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