DIG 21: Jian Yi / JTTE Productions | Weathervanes

DIG 21: Jian Yi / JTTE Productions | Weathervanes


DIG 21: Jian Yi / JTTE Productions | Weathervanes



Dates and times

Saturday 9 October 2021
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Saturday 9 October, 5.45 to 6.30pm and 9 to 9.45pm
Duration 30 to 45 mins

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'Weathervanes' is a queerbodylove project which seeks a psychological break with time and space. This ritualistic experience channels focus on the living full-body sensuality of the queer/P.O.C. performers, who are raised on elevated platforms, moving through light and sound in a trancelike state. 

Evocatively constructing imaginary worlds, the performance installation tunes into the collective psyche with audiences to create a dreaming state of mind, and an architecture of queer futurity. 

Audience members are free to sit or wander around the meditative space, womblike; summoning a sense of interiority-belonging and beauty through the synaesthetic-blurring of senses. 

This radically sensuous work is brought to life and layered with mesmerising visual FX multimedia created by Cryptic artist Heather Lander, a haunting live electronic ambient soundscape, and with a new set design akin to a kind of dystopian/post-industrial garden of Eden.

This performance is a work for the feeling of Other-ness. Seeing this as possibility rather than curse, to be 'different' – it aims to create a space for feeling deep empathy between us. As a journey to the 'other side' of ourselves, 'Weathervanes' explores the idea of internal wildernesses through the collective unconscious of ritual experience.

Audience notes

This performance features an immersive light installation accompanied by live electronic music throughout.
Performance installation will have cushions as well as standing room, and chairs/seating can be provided on request.
Contains nudity.

Access: Highly visual, no or little text

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Work Room, Merchant City Festival, Dance4, Dance Base, Tramway.

Photo by Julianna Laird

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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