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Coronavirus - Latest Information
DIG: Project X-Change (SCT, UK, Nigeria)

DIG: Project X-Change (SCT, UK, Nigeria)


DIG: Project X-Change (SCT, UK, Nigeria)



Dates and times

Tuesday 15 October 2019
7:30PM - 8:30PM

Part of Dance International Glasgow, this is an artists' showcase  presented by artist collective Project X, and featuring:

Hermes Iyele (Nigeria) presents Path
A journey of/to self-discovery, reinventing what is from what was, Hermes is questioning history, religion and beliefs while focusing on his Orisha. Deconstructing the old to form a new, on this journey there are three steps: The Beginning, The Questioning, Rebirth  


Symoné : UTOPIAN (terms and conditions apply)
Exploring her personal experience living inside a cult. Symoné invites the audience to join her in a journey of altered realities, manipulation of the mind. Told through a multitude of circus skills with influences of American rave culture and ballroom dancing (Voguing). Utopian is a work in progress with direction from Bryn Harris

Christian Noelle Charles : Hustle
A performance study interpreting the experience of being in rehearsal, specifically exposing the structure of how dance and performance is made. Using metronome and voice reciting the counts “5,6,7,8” to represent the concept of practice makes perfect and the hustle, and the concept of burnout that accumulates over the course of rehearsing and when trying to accomplish a goal. 

Akrowa UK : Baa Saa Ona
A rainbow of movement, colour & sound to tell stories of their lives in Ghana. They blend the traditional and modern to depict the lives of fishermen, farmers, warriors - exploring themes of unity & spirituality. Adie & Thomas invite you on a journey with them - exploring people, place and community, through their explosive rhythms and energy - a wee moment of Ghanaian movement & musical magic!

Funded by Tramway and The Work Room. Supported by Creative Scotland.

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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