Rumpus Room

Feminist Tabletop Football

Feminist Tabletop Football
Dates and times
9th Mar 2024
1:00PM - 3:00PM

Feminist Tabletop Football is a participatory artwork in the form of a cooperative table-top football game, played on a hexagonal board between three teams. 

The game builds on the Situationist ideas of cooperative football, adapting the format to explore intersectional feminism through the medium of cooperative football. In our first Feminist Economics Football game in 2021 we invited women and non-binary footballers to play together at Cathkin Park (Glasgow), then at Sheffield Amphitheatre (Sheffield) in 2022.

This new tabletop version is a queering and feminising of the popular 'Subbuteo' game, inviting players to find common goals across their teams, working towards a shared feminist future.

Join us to play this new version of the game for the first time. To take part come along on the day, or to find out more email Feminist Exchange Network (FEN) at

Find our host venue Rumpus Room at Langside Lane, Govanhill G42 8BH 

The venue is outside, under cover, and wheelchair accessible.

Information about the game will be available in English, Gaelic, Romanian and Urdu and large print in English.

An audio guide to the game will be available on headphones.

The game itself is played on a hexagonal table and can be played either seated or standing.

Team coaches will act as commentators during the game to provide audio commentary as the game unfolds.

Traffic light coloured stickers will be available on entry, to allow visitors to easily convey whether they would like to interact with others and participate in a game or would rather not interact with others.

A photographer will be present to document the game, and “no photographs” stickers will be available for those who don’t want to be photographed.

We aim to make the game fully accessible so please let FEN know of any access needs or ask FEN for a fuller description of how the game is played so you can tell us about anything we can do to make the game more accessible to you. 

Funded by Glasgow Life and Govanhill Bath Community Trust. Supported by Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art. 
With thanks to Rumpus Room for hosting this Feminist Exchange Network event

Created by artists Ailie Rutherford and Mandy Roberts for Feminist Exchange Network 

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