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Laura Bates and Harriet Johnson - When Will Enough Be Enough?

Laura Bates and Harriet Johnson - When Will Enough Be Enough?

Laura Bates and Harriet Johnson - When Will Enough Be Enough?

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£11 (£10 Ticket charge plus 10% booking fee)
Adult, Over 14s only. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
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Dates and times

Saturday 14 May 2022
3:00PM - 4:00PM

A barrister and activist come together to discuss misogyny and violence against women.

Too often, we blame women. For walking home alone at night. For not asking – or asking forcefully enough – for a seat at the table. For not overcoming the odds that are stacked against them. 

In Fix the System, Not the Women, feminist writer and activist Laura Bates lays bare the patterns of misogyny that harm and endanger us all. She exposes the systemic prejudice at the heart of five key institutions in our society; Education; Politics; Media; Policing and Criminal justice.

Combining stories with shocking evidence, this book is a blazing examination of sexual injustice and a rallying cry for reform.

From barrister Harriet Johnson, Enough lays bare the appalling status quo of abuse against women in our society, offering an irrefutable case for why change is needed in policing and justice. Most vitally, it also gives a manifesto for how to get there. With expertise, clear-sightedness and appropriate fury, this book helps us see where women are suffering – from homicide to domestic abuse to street harassment. It exposes the ways the criminal justice system lets women down – from officers failing to properly investigate to a lack of consequences when police behaviour is unacceptable, to backlogged courts and the realities of convincing a jury. 

This is a book that calls time on the endless tide of violence against women and the failures of our criminal justice system to respond.

Photo Credit © Siggi Holm

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Mitchell Library

North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN