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wild city | fiadh-bhaile (a walk to the reedy river)

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wild city | fiadh-bhaile (a walk to the reedy river)


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Open to All
Children must be accompanied by adult
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Dates and times

Saturday 11 August 2018
2:30PM - 4:00PM
Presented by wild city: the walking library (Dee Heddon & Misha Myers), and Alec Finlay

Join The Walking Library on a wander through the green howe (Glasgow). The Walking Library brings walking and books together. Join us on a place-aware wander through the wild city, as we carry our library on a slow walk from The North Kelvin Meadows to the reedy river (Kelvin). Every book has been suggested by someone as a helpful guide to wild nature, which thrives in the urban landscape. On the walk we will create maps of the North Kelvin Meadows, look for sleekit creatures by the reedy river (Kelvin), and make new place-names that reveal the wild side of the green howe (Glasgow).

This is a walking event, please wear suitable clothing and footwear. In the event of sunshine, wear sunscreen and a hat. Book online, or email


North Kelvin Meadows

Kelbourne Street, Glasgow, G20 8PR