Annual Report - Our Story 2015

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Annual Report - Our Story 2015

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries

Annual Report - Our Story 2015

“No-one in Glasgow should face cancer alone”

An easy statement to make. Yet, across the city, our team of volunteers still regularly hear of individuals facing the devastating side effects of cancer, feeling isolated, and without the right information and support.

Since our inception in 2012, we believe we have made great strides towards ensuring that this no longer occurs. Our evaluation acknowledges the excellent network we have created, and how it is working towards making sure that any individual affected by cancer, including patients, families, friends and carers are offered the opportunity to speak to someone within a safe and confidential area within their local community. However, we had not yet attained that universal access, both in terms of knowledge, trust and awareness.

We needed to do more. We needed to do something different. Something innovative. Something to improve our reach. Throughout 2015, we have worked tirelessly towards achieving this. We have launched an outreach programme, we have completed the roll out of our services, including the installation of 4 new capital build programmes and we have further strengthened our partnerships with excellent services such as Cancer Support ScotlandImproving Your Cancer Journey and Move More.

Together, we are transforming the cancer landscape in Glasgow, and s​tarting to piece together a truly comprehensive and joined up service offer to support individuals with the vast variety of non-clinical needs associated with a cancer diagnosis. As we continue to explore opportunities to develop our services, we shall keep this one simple statement in mind. No-one should face cancer alone!

Craig Menzies
Macmillan Programme Manager
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