My Stories

An interactive experience for young people to explore Kelvingrove in a different way!

My Stories is an interactive experience, co-designed by young people aged 12–18+ who may not ordinarily visit museums. 

How does it work?

Using a tablet guide and working in small groups, participants are encouraged to explore the museum and take part in tasks, games, and challenges. Then in a debrief discussion, users reflect on their experience and identify varied skills that they demonstrated whilst in the galleries. 

Explore | Engage | Enjoy

Check out our gallery with some of our young people taking part in My Stories, using tech to enhance their visit.

A group of three young people looking at objects in a glass display case in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Photograph showing young people using My Stories in Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

My Stories is a digital resource based at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is supported by the Hunter Foundation. My Stories was created by young people for young people.

Don't just take our word for it. What did our young people say?

I enjoyed having the freedom of going through different areas and choosing your favourite artefact, painting, sculpture etc. I liked not being led round and doing it yourself
I enjoyed taking part in this activity because it was a great experience for me and my friends, we really enjoyed having to find things and hunt stuff down whilst learning
At its core, My Stories acts as a catalyst for future opportunities for young people to become more connected to culture. The structure of My Stories allows young people to completely personalise their experience at the museum, and, crucially, makes us feel like we belong.

How can I book?

Bookings are free, and available to schools, colleges, youth groups, and other agencies working with young people. My Stories can facilitate a maximum of 25 participants and is designed to last for approximately 1 hour 30 mins.


Book by phone:

You can book your visit by phone by calling 0141 276 9505 / 9506 and selecting option 1 (Monday to Friday)


Book by email:

You can book your visit by email by emailing


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