Riverside Museum

An award-winning museum celebrating Glasgow’s transport heritage through innovative displays in a spectacular setting. FREE ENTRY
Riverside Museum Street with visitors

Riverside Museum is Glasgow's award-winning transport and technology museum.

With over 3,000 objects on display there's everything from skateboards to locomotives, paintings to prams, and cars to a Stormtrooper.

Inside the museum, visitors can explore a vast collection of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trams, buses, and even a steam locomotive. The exhibits span several eras, showcasing the evolution of transportation. From vintage automobiles to current day vehicles.

One of the highlights of the museum is the recreated street scene, which provides a glimpse into Glasgow's past. Visitors can stroll along a cobbled street lined with shops, houses, and even a subway station, all authentically recreated to transport visitors back in time.

Riverside Museum also features interactive displays, and hands-on activities, making it an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about Glasgow's industrial heritage, the people who shaped the city, and the transportation innovations that have shaped the world.

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