Studying objects in the Collection

How to make an appointment

Preparing for your visit

We encourage you to prepare for your visit to Glasgow Life Museums by reading the Code of Practice for using Glasgow Life Museums’ Research Facilities.

How do I know what to ask for?

The Collections Navigator website provides an overview of the collection and allows users to identify the collection areas that they are interested in.

How do I arrange to see museum objects?

All material needs to be ordered in advance. Requests to view museum objects are made through our curatorial team. Viewing requests can be made by emailing Object viewing requests must be made at least four weeks in advance. The relevant curator will confirm your booking at least one week in advance of your proposed visit with the date, time and location.

If the objects you are interested in can only be studied in store we will make arrangements for a store visit. If the objects requested are restricted or need special viewing arrangements you will be informed accordingly. It may take longer to organise access for this type of material and it may be necessary to suggest alternative viewing dates.

Many museum objects have ‘object files’ which contain information relating to the object. You may request to see these, and either they will be supplied with the museum objects you wish to see or a separate appointment will be offered.

How many museum objects may I request to see?

The number of objects you may request to see will depend on the type, size, fragility, location and storage of the objects requested to be seen. Please indicate priority objects in your request.

What do I do when I get to my appointment?

On entering the building you will be asked to sign the fire register at the reception desk and you will be issued with a visitor pass. You may be asked to wash your hands and to deposit your coats and bags in the lockers provided. You will then be directed to the Research Room or accompanied to the relevant museum store. On the first day of each period of study you will need to register as a user and sign the Code of Practice for using Glasgow Life Museums’ Research Materials. You may only use pencils, a hand-held camera, phone, tablet or laptop to take notes in the research rooms, as ink can permanently damage objects. If you wish to draw or photograph material you will be asked to sign a separate permission form.

Before being issued with the requested material, the curator will give you any special handling instructions. You will then be asked to sign an issue receipt. The material will then be taken to your desk and you are free to view or study it in line with the Code of Practice.

When you have finished with the material you should inform the curator, who will check it against the issue receipt. You are recommended to wash your hands after handling museum objects.