Strength & Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning stages

Optimal preparation is crucial to success within the performance model. A high attention to detail is taken to ensure the maximum possible opportunity for development. This requires collaboration between S&C, sport specific teams and development/national squads to collectively combine factors including number of training hours and loading, fitness testing results, recovery status, nutrition and psychological aspects of performance for each individual athlete.

Strength and conditioning support services

Every pupil at Glasgow School of Sport has a S&C programme which supports their sport specific development. Pupils receive between two and six hours of S&C a week with the number of hours increasing as athletes progress through the school.

Research to support GSoS S&C programme

The S&C team use the latest research to support the development of the S&C programme. The team have also contributed to the knowledge base of S&C in youth athletes in the UK through conducting and presenting several research projects (see useful documents below).

 Voluntary S&C Opportunities

The S&C team offer several part-time Voluntary S&C roles. Interested candidates should visit the Voluntary S&C Opportunities page for more details.

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