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While lots people volunteering in sport today, started as a participant or a member of a club and progressed into a volunteering role. Many have no previous experience, qualifications or connections to the club or sport- they simply have an interest and willingness to get involved & help.

There are a wide range of volunteer roles/ opportunities available to suit individual’s interests, skills and time available.

People’s motivation to volunteer varies and tend to change, below are some of the reasons people tell us they volunteer:

  • Enjoy meeting people and making new friends
  • Use current skills to help community
  • Good way to gain references
  • Attend training courses & gain qualifications
  • Learn new skills
  • Build experience, put learning into action
  • Enjoy the buzz and excitement of sporting events
  • Support something their children are involved in
  • Give something back to their community/ sport
  • Looks good on University & College & job applications
  • Make good use of spare time
  • Have FUN!