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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Pay & Grading Structure

Our pay, grading and benefits structure is modern, fair and delivers equality. We support the principles of equal opportunities in employment and recognise that to achieve this, we must have a pay and grading structure that is transparent, flexible, based on objective criteria and free from bias.

The structure is made up of 9 job families and 76 role profiles and we publish the corresponding role profile with every job vacancy. Role profiles list the main tasks, skills, knowledge, qualifications and competencies needed to carry out the job. Each role has a ‘size’ reflecting what’s involved and the level of responsibility attributed to it. The size of the role determines the amount of pay it attracts.

You will progress to the next point of the grade on the anniversary of the date of employment of promotion. Progression through the points within the grade is not automatic and is dependent on evidence derived from the role of satisfactory attainment of the skills, qualifications and competencies required, along with the achievement of any objectives you’ve been set.

Some roles may attract additional non-core payments due to working context and demands or non-standard working patterns. Details of any non-core pay will be included in the job advert.