About us

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Our purpose

Did you know Glasgow Life is a charity set up to benefit everyone in the city?

The reason we exist is to:

1. Improve people's mental and physical wellbeing through culture and sport.

2. Support the city’s visitor economy and enhance its reputation as a great place to live, work, learn, and visit.

3. Generate funds through culture and sport programmes. We then re-invest in the charitable activities which support our vision.

Five men on an indoor football pitch during a walking football match, one man has the ball at his feet.

Our mission

We inspire people to become engaged and active in a city globally renowned for culture and sport.

As a charity, we find innovative ways to make this happen across Glasgow’s diverse communities. Whether that's co-locating libraries, museums and sport centres in places like Pollok and Kelvin Hall, or hosting the first UCI World Cycling Championships in 2023.

Our cultural and sporting programmes promote inclusion, happiness and health. They also support the city’s visitor economy.

We provide experiences across Glasgow, many of which are free, and bring value and meaning to people's lives. Our work enhances mental, physical and economic wellbeing.

Children watching brightly coloured performers at Glasgow Mela with other members of the crowd taking photographs.

What makes Glasgow Life unique?

Our vision, reach and commitment to bring culture and sport to everyone.

Our charitable vision

We empower communities to build their confidence and skills. This helps people to volunteer, deliver activities and shape local services. We're committed to operating in a way which is responsive and looks to address inequality.

Our reach

Our programmes, experiences and events are created for everyone in Glasgow. They also attract millions of visitors and present the city on an international stage.

Our commitment to the power of culture and sport

We work hard to support our city’s diverse communities to experience the life-changing benefits of taking part in culture and sport.

Graphic of Glasgow Life's strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities

We're committed to:

• Advancing culture and sport in the city.

• Improving the mental and physical wellbeing of local communities.

• Supporting the vibrant city economy.

• Re-investing income to achieve our mission.

Our areas of work

  • Arts and music

    We provide valuable experiences to people through arts and music. Our programmes and events improve the lives of people in the city.

    Orchestral musicians on stage at Barrowland Ballroom in front of crowd with green lights filling the room
  • Museums

    Glasgow's museums offer world-class collections and are free to access. They also give people the chance to engage with the city's rich heritage.

    Two children sitting on the floor in the Burrell Collection looking and pointing at a statue which is part of the collection
  • Libraries

    Our libraries are safe spaces for people of all ages. They are free to enter and are places where people can learn, access support or simply sit and relax. Libraries are also important in helping the digitally excluded get online and access a range of resources.

    Woman in the Mitchell Library standing up with her glasses in her hand while looking at papers laid out on a desk
  • Communities

    Our community venues allow people a place to offer a range of services across Glasgow. They are also safe spaces that are open to everyone.

    Three people in an outdoor setting mixing food in bowls
  • Sport

    From Glasgow Club to Walking Football and our Learn to Swim programmes, we help people to experience the benefits of taking part in sport.

    Group of people in a gym class following instructor with barbells above their heads
  • What we do for Glasgow

    We deliver events and programmes which support Glasgow's economy and enhance its reputation as a great place to live, work, learn, and visit.

    Front of Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
Five women sitting at a desk in a library reading and writing while listening to a tutor who is speaking to them from over their shoulders

The influence we have

Discover how we are inspiring people to lead richer, more active lives through culture and sport.

What we do for Glasgow

Meet the Glasgow Life Board and Leadership Team

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Our story

Glasgow Life has an interesting history. Here we highlight some of the milestones which have brought us to where we are today.

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What else do we do for Glasgow?

Discover more about how our work makes sure Glasgow is culturally vibrant and active.
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