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Brushes with War

Brushes with War


Brushes with War


WW1 14-18 Commemorations

Dates and times

21st Sep 2018 - 6th Jan 2019
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Brushes with War is a powerful and emotive insight into the experience of soldiers from World War I through the drawings and paintings they created. Featuring original artworks by German, Austrian, French, Belgian, British, American, Canadian, Australian and Russian soldier-artists, the exhibition provides an authentic, uncensored account of the experience of ordinary soldiers. It offers clear glimpses into World War I through the eyes of the men who actually fought. Among the artists are those who fought in combat, were wounded in action, taken prisoner, and survived aerial dogfights.    It depicts the patriotic optimism in the early stages of war, to the hardship, monotony and dark humour of daily life in the trenches. Their perspectives are expressive yet independent of official censorship and free from the embellishment of popular propaganda. As a result, the art in this exhibition is quite distinct from the more familiar official and illustrative art of the time. The paintings and drawings by these soldier-artists, all conveyed in varying artistic styles, also capture insights, moods, ideas, and motifs missed by photographers and observers of the war.

A truly impactful exhibition that marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. 

Tickets on sale end of August.

Venue Map


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AG