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Coronavirus - Latest Information
Chris Dolan & Kieran Cunningham - Journeys Outside and In

Chris Dolan & Kieran Cunningham - Journeys Outside and In

Chris Dolan & Kieran Cunningham - Journeys Outside and In

Aye Write

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All ages
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Dates and times

Saturday 15 May 2021
2:15PM - 3:15PM

Journeys Outside and In
Chris Dolan & Kieran Cunningham chaired by Vanessa Collingridge

2.15pm-3.15pm BST*

Everything Passes, Everything Remains is a confluence of journeys, made by Chris Dolan, his friends, and writers before him. It's a bit about cycling, a bit about walking, and a bit about buses. It's a travelogue, and an obsession with Spain's writers and its history, from the Inquisition to the Civil War to the questions it faces as a country today. In many ways it's as much about Scotland and the UK as Spain. But mostly it's about friendship, loss, music, writing. And it's about memory, and the tricks it plays. After spending a decade restlessly globetrotting in search of a way of life that worked for him, journalist Kieran Cunningham alighted on Sondrio, a small town in Lombardy, Italy. A stone’s throw from the Alps, there he found the perfect combination of fresh mountain air, a strong network of local friends and lots of climbing. And then Lombardy found itself the European epicentre of Covid-19 and subject to the strictest of lockdowns. Climbing the Walls is a memoir about mental health and the power of nature and exercise. It’s both a devastatingly honest account of living with Bipolar 1 and a love song to small-town Italian life and the high places that keep him healthy.

*This performance is live and will be available to watch for three weeks after the broadcast date to accommodate different time zones.
This performance is included in the Aye Write 2021 festival pass, so you will not need to purchase this event if you have already purchased a pass.

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